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The most time saving fencing tool you will ever purchase!

Fencing is so easy with the ATV wire unroller.  NQM Products has an exclusive design that is far superior than any other wire unroller on the market.  It fits Honda and Polaris model 300 and up, but it can easily be adapted to fit others.  High tensile wire unroller is also available


Both the regular wire unroller and the high tensile wire unroller mount quickly to the back rack with 4 bolts.  The have a lower stabilizer bar that floats through the bottom hitch and does not interfere with suspension as well as an adjustable drag brake to prevent free wheeling or back lashing.

bulletAdjustable drag brake prevents free wheeling
bulletWire Unrollers adjust to fit different sizes
bulletQuickly mounts to rack of ATV
bulletLower stabilizer bar that floats through bottom hitch that does not hinder suspension



Item Name: The ATV Wire Unroller
Item Number:
Price: $179.99

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Item Name: The HIGH TENSILE ATV Wire Unroller
Item Number:
Price: $189.99